One efficient system for all your people

Onfolk is the source of truth for all of your employee information. Eliminating out-of-sync and duplicate information. Enabling growth without painful admin.

Why Onfolk

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With HMRC, all major pension schemes, and accounting softwares

Expert customer support

Onfolk is there for you.
With fast and accurate responses from payroll experts.

Seriously time-saving

1 min to run payroll & 3 mins to set up new starters.
Automated tax code notices and more.

Insights & reporting

A single data layer for everything people and pay


Slack, GCal, Nest, Xero, Wise and much more

Unlimited document storage

With payroll documents automatically populated.

The best customer support

Expert support for your Payroll and HR

Our team are payroll experts and members of the CIPP. We understand the importance of getting it right.

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Accurate and timely responses

We get the frustration of waiting for answers on payday. So we offer faster support when it’s yours.

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Acting on your feedback to improve

Every week, Onfolk gets better because of our customers. We take our customer’s feedback seriously to consistently improve your experience.

Geoff Rellis
“Onfolk has given 25 hours / week back to our senior management team to focus on company culture and mentorship.”
Valerio Magliulo
“Payroll has never been a concern since day one. Onfolk take care of everything for you, so you can focus on the important things”
Rebecca De Beukelaer
“I like being in control of my payroll, without the back and forth of using an accountant. Onfolk is clear, clean, and makes payroll really easy to do. Other software products were confusing to use.”
Freddie Green
“Payroll and HR is no longer a problem I need to solve. Instead I get more headspace to focus on other big pieces of work”.
Emma Dixon
“When I unexpectedly caught Covid, my colleague ran payroll with no issues. With our old processes the situation would have been very challenging.”