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Juno is an online conveyancing scale-up that helps you move into your new home faster. They do this by simplifying the conveyancing process to the point that on average their customers move homes eight weeks faster than the national average 💥

“I really like the attitude, the user friendly software, and how well designed it is”

How Onfolk empowered Juno’s people processes to become more data-centric and efficient

Simple and intuitive payroll that can be delegated to others

Emma Dixon, Head of Finance & Data at Juno, first came to Onfolk to transition from a fully manual payroll process and reporting to a full-service payroll platform that would not only simplify her payroll steps but also automate reporting steps for her.

Emma says; “Our payroll process was so manual. I’d have to input payroll figures in a spreadsheet for every employee, manually update payslips templates before producing them, report figures to HMRC, update SMART pension, and then schedule payments to go out to employees, HMRC and SMART”.

Emma reported that all-in-all, her entire payroll process would take a few days’ work every month. On payday, she’d also get questions from employee relating to their payslips which would take a few hours to answer.

Since joining Onfolk and although Juno has experienced steep employee growth in 2022, payroll takes half the time it used to. Emma’s also been able to train and delegate to others on the platform as the process no longer requires deep payroll knowledge. Other good news: “since July we’ve received no employee questions on payroll” Emma says.

Juno’s favourite payroll features:

  • “Pay and taxes are automatically worked out and I can easily compare employee earnings month-on-month thanks to the useful percentages shown next to salary numbers”
  • “Payslips are created and sent automatically, I don’t have to do anything”
  • “SMART pension is fully integrated with Onfolk and reporting is done automatically. No more PAPDIS files, I now only log in once a month to download our monthly invoice. This has saved me hours”.
  • “Employee data automatically syncs with payroll too - manual updates have gone down from 2 hours every week to half an hour”.
“When I unexpectedly caught Covid at the end of July, my colleague Henry ran payroll with no issues. If we were still running our old processes the situation would have been very challenging”.

Flexible data-access permissions for more autonomy across the business

As Head of Finance & Data, Emma struggled with how manual and inflexible payroll  data was at Juno.

“Data access had to be limited to a very small number of people. I had no way of extracting datasets and run accuracy tests for payroll and within our employee records. Providing a dataset for another teams would easily take me a couple of hours to do as I had to manually find the information and put into a spreadsheet”.

Once Juno moved to Onfolk, Emma was able to set different levels of permissions to the relevant people. “This feature has saved me hours of work - my input is no longer required for people to access to certain levels of employee information, all the while staying GDPR-compliant.“

Responsive and attentive support across multiple channels

The thing with questions relating to payroll is that they usually come up right around the time you’d need to submit it and therefore you’d need a swift answer to not delay payroll and payments. Emma recalls, “whenever I’d get in touch with Xero I’d be expected to wait 24 to 48 hours for a reply which can be quite long. Their community forum did have some answers to my questions but a lot of queries also went unanswered”.

Onfolk offers support via email and has a Slack Community for any company that wants to join. Onfolk users are free to reach out to either.

Emma now says Onfolk’s customer support is her favourite feature of the product:

“I’ve really enjoyed the community Slack set up as I’ve used it to see how certain queries were answered as a guide for myself. When I’ve reached out to the support, I’ve always received a useful and timely answer with a great attitude”.
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