1 min payroll

You'll never spend less time on payroll. Get it done in 1 min. Simple and accurate payruns.

Why Onfolk icon 1Payroll

Instant updates

As soon as you update a salary, see the change reflected on the payroll screen. No waiting for slow tools or 3rd parties.

Why Onfolk icon 1Payroll

No cut-off dates

Make changes right up to payday. So that your team doesn't have to wait months for changes.

Why Onfolk icon 1Payroll

Auto-tax codes updates

Onfolk syncs with HMRC to receive and action tax code updates automatically. Instead of you having to manually action paper letters.

Other features

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Unpaid leave, automated

If someone books unpaid leave, Onfolk automatically syncs it with payroll at the employee's day rate.

Automate statutory pay claims

Enter the time someone's on parental leave, and Onfolk will claim back the correct amount from HMRC based on their pay.

Focus on changes since last month

Filter payroll reviews to focus on the things that have changed.