Switching to Onfolk

Moving your payroll can feel like a risk and a faff. With Onfolk, it's risk-free and you'll be ready in a week.

Why Onfolk icon 1Switching to Onfolk

By your side

Our onboarding team are with you every step of the way

Why Onfolk icon 1Switching to Onfolk


Accurate and automated data imports

Why Onfolk icon 1Switching to Onfolk

Done in a week

If you start on Monday, we aim to get you ready by Friday

Switching to Onfolk
Switching to Onfolk
Switching to Onfolk

Other features

The onboarding process

1. Upload latest payroll file (10 mins)

We'll give you intructions to download your payroll file from your old software. Once you send it over, we'll auto-import employees names, addresses, tax codes, and much more.

2. Upload HR info (20 mins)

For the things that aren't on the payroll file (like emergency contact details), we'll prepare a sheet for you to upload the rest of your information in one go.

3. We turn it around within 48 hrs

Our team will run checks to verify the accuracy of data, and upload everything to Onfolk within a couple of days (often less).

4. Review accuracy (30 mins)

Once your infomation is ready, we'll give you a checklist to make sure that nothing is missed. Our onboarding team offer a free call to ask any questions before you go live.

4. Employees invited

Once we have the thumbs up, we'll automate invites out to your team. So that they can log on to their personal Onfolk portals, where they can see their own information.

5. Live and ready to go!

Our team mark you as live, and you're all set for efficient and accurate payrolls from now on.