A time-off solution that works. Create unlimited time-off policies, let the team book requests from their phones, while Onfolk keeps track of allowances.

Why Onfolk icon 1Time-off

Approval flows

Require approval from managers, or choose to have certain time-off policies auto-approve

Why Onfolk icon 1Time-off

Customisable policies

Create as many time-off policies as you like. Define carry-over days,

Why Onfolk icon 1Time-off

Syncs with your tools

Slack and Google Calendar integrations ensures your tools are up to date.

Other features

And more

Integrates with Slack and Google Calendar

Manage time-off requests and approvals from Slack. See who's off at a glance with Onfolk's Google Calendar sync.

Carry over unused holiday

Onfolk automatically updates holiday allowances when the next year comes around, letting you roll over unused days.

Automate statutory pay claims

Enter the time someone's on parental leave, and Onfolk will claim back the correct amount from HMRC based on their pay.

Unpaid leave, automated

If someone books unpaid leave, Onfolk automatically syncs it with payroll at the employee's day rate.

Unlimited time-off policies

No restriction on the amount of policies you can add. Add or remove employees to fit your team perfectly.