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About SearchLand

SearchLand is a B2B off-market land sourcing platform which provides data on property and land, and the only off-market site sourcing tool that allows you to contact landowners directly from the platform. They’re the all-in-one property and planning data platform to help streamline the acquisition of land and property.

“Onfolk’s given me my peace of mind back. Payroll and HR flows are easy to follow, and I’m in control.”

Flexible and easy-to-use payroll without the middleman

Rebecca De Beukelaer, Marketing & Operations Manager at SearchLand, felt frustrated with the lack of control she had when it came to running her company’s payroll.

“We used an accountant at the time, which felt like a barrier to running an efficient process. The back and forth requests took a lot of time.”

On top of that, accountants requested that all payroll information be submitted a week before payday, meaning Rebecca was unable to process urgent changes such as last minute pay changes or even mistakes: “Mistakes take a lot of time to sort out when you’re using a third party, you can’t just correct them yourself.” With Onfolk, you can adjust and update your payroll until the day preceding payday.

Example of an employee's pay details in the payroll section

Easy onboarding admin with employee self-serve

Rebecca’s role at Searchland encompasses managing multiple departments, including Marketing, Operations and People. Onboarding was one of the most time-consuming tasks she had to do - but since moving to Onfolk, it is no longer a time drain.

That’s because Onfolk streamlines the employee onboarding process in two ways:

  • first, it combines payroll and HR under one umbrella - there’s only one system to keep up to date with new joiners 🎉
  • second, new joiners are onboarding through a self-serve logic: the system promps them to do their own onboarding by letting them add their own information.
She also loves automatic reminders sent to employees if they’re running late on their onboarding tasks, “If employees don’t onboard themselves on time, I can send them a prompt. It’s very useful.”
Example of an employee onboarding task journey in Onfolk

Task lists and automatic reminders reducing mental load

Rebecca uses the “Tasks” feature in Onfolk which enables you to create, assign and manage tasks or task lists. This has replaced random pen and paper lists for her,  where she wouldn’t have a way to remind herself of outstanding tasks.

“Onfolk tells me what has been done and what is left to do. It’s eased my mental load significantly.”

At the start of each week, Rebecca loves being able to get her weekly run down so she knows what to expect and nothing gets missed. “I’m a big fan of Monday notifications with Slack integration. It reminds me of birthdays and work anniversaries in the team.”

Example of a weekly Slack notification for time-off

Another useful feature for Rebecca has been automatic payroll reminders sent each month if payroll hasn’t been locked on time. She says “with SearchLand’s team constantly growing, we’re 15 employees now, it’s been very easy to forget these dates with everything else going on. Task reminders have ease the feeling of having to hold everything in my head and saved me a tonne of stress.”

Simple and intuitive software that just works

“I like being in control of my payroll, without the back and forth of using an accountant. Onfolk is clear, clean, and makes payroll really easy to do. Other software products were confusing to use.”

Building payroll that is straightforward to navigate and simple to use takes the stress out of the process, giving you back your valuable time with the knowledge your employees are getting paid each month.

“Payroll and HR are always so complex. Onfolk makes it simple and lets me get back to the work that matters.”

SearchLand’s favourite payroll features:

  • More autonomy for your team: “Onboarding is now really easy and quick. I love that our employees can do their own onboarding, request time off, add and edit personal details and more.”
  • Flexible payroll with you in control: “Payroll now takes me a few minutes a month, and I get to add changes until the very last minute. I have complete control.”
  • Receive your weekly run down: “I’m a big fan of Monday notifications with Slack integration. It reminds me of birthdays and work anniversaries in the team.”
  • Onfolk remembers so you don’t have to: “The ‘time to pay your employees’ reminder is very useful in case I forget, while the notifications of everything I’ve done and reminders of what I have left to do makes my life a lot easier.”

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