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“Payroll and HR is no longer a problem I need to solve. I instead have more headspace to focus on other big pieces of work”.

A simple and intuitive tool for founders starting out

Freddie Green, co-founder of minimum, remembers the early days of starting out: “We joined Onfolk in month 2 of incorporating Minimum - before then we were using QuickBooks which didn’t work for us, even for just the 4 of us”.

Freddie wanted a solution that was intuitive and simple to use, and that required no accountancy knowledge for it to run smoothly: “The main reason for switching stemmed from being wary of getting pay wrong or anything HR-related. There is one thing you don’t want to get wrong - is pay for your team”.

Since moving to Onfolk, payroll has been an easy process for Freddie “all of my team’s pay is auto-populated for me, and I just need to give it a review and press confirm. Onfolk does the work for me”.

“All of my team’s pay is auto-populated for me. Onfolk does the work for me”.

Onfolk's automated payroll software auto-populates every employee's pay for you every month, and shows any variations in pay from the previous months for easy checks:

You can also toggle on the 'changes only' option to only review what's changed in your payroll since last month:

Reducing admin-related mental load

Freddie didn’t realise the amount of people-related knowledge needed to run a business, which most founders wouldn’t have unless they previously worked in HR. He says, “I wanted a tool that would reduce my mental load in regards to payroll and HR, which is exactly what Onfolk did for us. This for me has been the biggest benefit of Onfolk - having a tool that just tells me what needs doing and not having to worry about for getting something or doing it wrong”.

“Payroll and HR is no longer a problem I need to solve. I instead have more headspace to focus on other big pieces of work”.

An example of this is Onfolk's pension integration with most pension providers. Once integrated, Onfolk auto-enrolls new joiners and reports pension contributions figures on your behalf to your pension provider every month. You also get an up-to-date view of your whole team's pension contributions in one place in Onfolk:

Scaling the team organically with the product

In the space of a couple of years, minimum has grown to 19 in the team. Onboarding new employees can be synonymus with a lot of admin and stress related to inaccurate data or payroll errors. But Freddie hasn’t felt any of this pain “Onboarding’s been really easy thanks to the employee self-serve system, where I only need to fill in basic info such as their contact details and title, and they fill out the rest”.

Freddie’s still the person running payroll and managing people-relared admin: “The amount of admin has remained the same although we've grown a lot.

"I’m still the one running payroll and doing onboarding for the team. Everything takes me a few minutes every month”.

When thinking ahead to the day they’ll want to hire someone to take payroll and people operations over from him, he isn’t worried “it just doesn’t feel necessary right now, and that’s partly thanks to Onfolk just taking care of itself. When this day comes though, it’ll be a no brainer - workflows are very easy to run and we can set data access permissions for them”.

Example of the Access Permissions tab in Onfolk

Being listened to as a customer with fast responses and suggestions built into features

“We’ve grown Minimum alongside our use of Onfolk, and the customer support provided by the Onfolk team has made a big difference to us scaling smoothly”.

Freddie is an active member of the Onfolk Slack community and has shared multiple suggestions and ways to improve the product. “I’ve enjoyed seeing my suggestions and ideas get implemented very quickly. We’ve felt listened to as a customer, and it’s a nice feeling to see minimum growing alongside Onfolk’s list of features and capabilities”.

Onfolk provides specialist customer support, with short response times.

“Reliable and fast customer support makes a really big difference especially as requests usually come in as payroll crunch time - it’s nice to know we’ll get a solution to our problem quickly and will still be able to pay our team on time” says Freddie.

Freddie’s favourite feature: people events and time-off notifications in Slack

“I really enjoy weekly notifications in Slack to get notified about holidays, new joiners, probations ending, holidays this week, etc. They bring a really nice touch, and are a good way for me to create a nice team culture”.

He adds “culture is which is really important for us at minimum, and hard to do. Fostering a positive culture where people are well cared for is something we strive to do - this little feature has been super beneficial for it”.

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