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About Abatable

Abatable are building the infrastructure to help corporates and investors to navigate, access and support solutions to reach their climate goals. The mission is to deliver long-lasting positive environmental and social impact.

“Payroll has never been a concern since day one with Onfolk. They take care of everything for you, so you can focus on the important things.”

A no-brainer for any founder

At Onfolk, we understand that time is a valuable resource. As a business owner, you have important tasks to focus on such as building your business, engaging with customers, and perfecting your products. We know that the last thing you want is to be bogged down by time-consuming administrative tasks.

Co-Founder of Abatable, Valerio Magliulo, highlights the reality of entrepreneurship: "When you start a company, you often only think of the glamorous things like pitching to investors, selling to customers, and developing products. However, no one tells you about the massive mountain of administrative tasks that must be done." That's where Onfolk comes in. With Onfolk, you can sign up and get set up in an hour, and we'll automatically take care of everything for you. It's a no-brainer for any founder who wants to save time and focus on what really matters. The alternative is spending hours trying to figure it all out.

Hands-on support and guidance from day one

Valerio said he was clueless about payroll when he decided to reach out to Onfolk.

“The level of knowledge and guidance that the team were able to give me from day zero on how to run payroll - all of that stuff that nobody tells you when you're starting a company that is actually really painful - it was just basically sorted. I had amazing support from day one.”
“Payroll is hard to do without proper support. Onfolk offered a guide to follow step-by-step - that was a winner from the start” Valerio affirms that Onfolk’s biggest value for him is that “with Onfolk, payroll has never been a concern - I know it’s taken care of”.

Onfolk's support includes specialist support 5 days a week, a user-friendly help centre and an active Slack community for users to ask questions and share suggestions.

Screenshot of Onfolk's Slack community

Automation that’s made payroll quick and easy

We know payroll can be a lengthy and complicated process, especially for business owners just starting out. That’s why Onfolk makes each step simple, manageable, and time-efficient. “If you were to do payroll with an accountant, you'd still need to do a lot of work,” Valerio explains.

With everything automated, Wise integration allows Valerio to confirm the payroll, make the bank transfer - and the rest is taken care of. He also highlighted the ease of automating payments to PAYE and pension providers. When it comes to time spent, he says, “it's a very easy task for me to do”.

“Onfolk ensured we could run our first payroll, and we ran it on time. We managed to pay our first employee on time and every month after that”.

Once payroll has been confirmed, Onfolk gives you a run down of all payments for the month with clear instructions of what to do:

Onfolk's integration with Wise makes salary payments a 3-minute process:

Payment confirmation page in Onfolk

Multi-faceted software that doubles as an HR tool

One of Valerio’s favourite Onfolk features is his ability to seamlessly use it as Abatable’s HR system too. He says, “we now have 14 people and without Onfolk’s automatic notifications it’d be difficult for me to track birthdays, probations, time off, etc. When I'm looking for data about our employees, I have one source of truth”.

Onfolk solves the problem of having your employee information spread across multiple tools - instead, all your employee data is in one place and always up to date. On top of general HR data, Onfolk lets you record custom information too - Valerio logs his team dietary requirements.

Each employee profile combines all the important HR and payroll information necessary, but can also help admins track assets, dietary preferences etc.
“When we're organising a social, I just have to log in and export the list of dietary requirements. Stuff that you wouldn't think about - having it all in one place is much easier.”

Having an all-in-one solution for employee data and payroll with minimal admin helps Valerio build strong relationships with his team. He says, “Because of how intuitive the interface is, the more features you can bring in - which is everything around the employees and how you manage those relationships. It’s a winner for me”.

Abatable’s favourite features:

  • Have all your team in one place: “Having everyone on Onfolk, even those that aren’t on payroll is a game-changer. I can easily access all of my employee data in one place.”
  • Stay connected across the apps you love: “Slack integration is very helpful. That weekly notification 'here's your run down for the coming week' has been a great way for me to remember birthdays and holidays.”
  • Simple and straightforward: “Knowing that it's such an easy interface for anyone to use is going to facilitate delegating responsibilities a lot more.”
  • Software that scales with you: “Onfolk has scaled really nicely with us, and sticking with the same software as we grow fast is a massive win.”
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