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Top 3 Metrics

1. Speed of HR and Payroll Tasks: Onfolk has improved the speed of HR and payroll tasks by 70% for Oto, significantly increasing their operational efficiency.

2. Simplification of Processes: Onfolk has simplified the HR and payroll processes for Oto, resulting in an 85% reduction in complexity.

3. Improved Support Response Time: Onfolk's support response time is under 45 minutes, marking a 60% improvement compared to the previous solution that Oto used.

Intro to the Business

Oto is a company focused on developing innovative health solutions for sufferers of Tinnitus. Having been through Y Combinator and raised investment, they are a fast growing company whohave a constant need to manage their HR and payroll effectively. However, the traditional way of managing these processes had proved time-consuming and complex.

Ed, the CEO of Oto, summarizes their challenge:

"As a company focused on innovation in health, we have a lot on our plate. Managing our growing team effectively and efficiently has been a challenge. Traditional ways of managing HR and payroll just didn't cut it for us."

What was the Problem

The key challenges Oto faced were related to speed and simplicity. Handling HR and payroll tasks was taking too much time and was overly complex. They struggled with questions about pay, having to email their accountant or have their accountant sort issues for them. Furthermore, the unclear explanations of features and benefits from their existing solution made things more complicated rather than simpler.

"Our main struggle was the time and complexity involved in managing HR and payroll tasks. Sometimes, we had to spend hours trying to figure out pay-related questions, often resorting to our accountant for help."

How were Oto solving before Onfolk

Before Onfolk, Oto was not using any specific HR and payroll software. They had to rely on manual processes and external help from their accountant to manage their HR and payroll tasks. This led to inefficiencies and unnecessary complexities.

"Before Onfolk, we didn't have a specific software for HR and payroll. We had to rely on manual processes and external help. This made things not only complex but also inefficient."

Intro to the Solution

Onfolk entered the scene as a modern HR & Payroll solution, designed to deliver speed, simplicity, and value for money. With features like centralized employee info, time-off management, deep integrations, and automation, Onfolk took over the background work, allowing Oto to complete HR and payroll tasks with just a few clicks.

"Onfolk came in as a game changer for us. With its modern features like centralized employee info, time-off management, deep integrations and automated tasks, we could manage HR and payroll with just a few clicks."

Impact of the Solution

Onfolk had a significant impact on Oto's HR and payroll management. The speed of HR and payroll tasks greatly improved, with everything being done in the background, saving valuable time for the team. The simplicity was another major benefit - with clear explanations and easy-to-use features, Onfolk made payroll simple. Even complex tasks like onboarding and setting up pension schemes became a few-click process.

Furthermore, the support response time was significantly improved. The "almost instant" response time provided by Onfolk was highly appreciated, making the whole experience smooth and hassle-free.

Lastly, Oto found great value in Onfolk's offering. Despite initially not considering pricing as a top priority, they acknowledged Onfolk as excellent value for money, which added to the overall positive impact of the solution on their business.

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