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From payroll in spreadsheets to a 1-click process

Oli Quantrill, Financial Director at Simplicity Group, switched to Onfolk after using Xero for the company’s payroll and accounts. The process before Onfolk was entirely manual, from onboarding new starters to tracking deductions and unpaid leave. “Our director used to sit there and type in 33 different net figures for everyone” Oli recalls, “making sure everyone was paid was a lenghty task in itself which involved possible human error”.

Since moving to Onfolk, payroll takes Oli less than a minute.

“payroll just handles itself. Payroll figures are calculated automatically and reviewing net figures at a glance saved us a lot of time”.

As Oli mentioned, Onfolk automatically calculates all payroll figures for the month. You can then easily go in and add any additional bonuses, deductions and review your payroll figures. The system will also indicate any changes in pay for each employee, so you can easily zoom into anything that may look out of the ordinary.

Payroll summary tab
Detail of one employee’s pay for the month

The simplicity of one multi-purpose tool instead of 3

Simplicity used 3 separate tools for HR and payroll : “Xero lacked any HR functionality so instead we used a HR tool to manage this side of things”. Meanwhile staff contracts, company handbooks, welcome packs for new starters and anything other documents were sent via email. “They’d just sit in people’s emails or on their desktop. It wasn’t organised at all” Oli admits.

One of Onfolk’s biggest selling points for Oli was being able to bring payroll and people tasks/documents under one roof. “It’s eliminated the need for data transposition, removing the worry of mistakes arising when inputing large amounts of data at once” says Oli. He adds:

“by inputting payroll data at the source, it’ll always be accurate when employees view it. No more double-checking documents and emails and I don’t have to second guess myself anymore.”
Within each employee’s profile, employers can store personal, payroll, time-off, tasks & actions, documents, etc all in one place.

Updating an employee’s salary, company benefit deductions or unpaid leave will automatically be updated in payroll.

Each employee profile can store pay details such as company benefits and deductions that get automatically accounted for payroll.
“Onfolk has become our central repository for staff information”

Deep integrations with accounting softwares for accurate reporting and data protection

As Simplicity’s Financial Director, Oli uses Xero for financial reporting. Onfolk’s integration with accounting softwares such as Xero has enabled Oli to establish cost centres within Onfolk and easily transfer accounting journals over to Xero “I love the split reporting on departments,” Oli says. “It’s set up so well - I can view reports on a monthly basis or by department or position.”

Onfolk’s includes the ability to map cost categories with Xero or set up cost centres for easy journal reporting after payroll.

Summary view of the cost centre tab in Onfolk

The final benefit Oli received from using Onfolk in combination with Xero has been in regards to setting different levels of admin permissions to protect the privacy of certain employee data.

“We had trouble finding a way to give employees access to either payroll or bookkeeping information using Xero. We needed a barrier between the two for data protection and privacy however this wasn’t available on Xero. Having them on two separate systems proved beneficial, as I can now open up Xero to team members - granular payroll information won’t appear. I feel secure in the knowledge that if I change their access rights it won’t then allow them to view payroll information.”

Within Onfolk, you can give different admin permissions based on the level of information they need for their work.

Admin permissions screen in Onfolk

Oli’s favourite features:

  • Seamlessly sync your tools: “Having payroll and HR information together in one place just makes sense.”
  • Split reporting across your business: “I can view reports on a monthly basis, by department or by position.”
  • Save time with automated payments: “Ensuring everyone is paid now takes less than a minute.”
  • Track time off at a glance: “The holiday calendar functionality is nice and clean, saving time and minimising problems later down the line.”
  • Onfolk grows with you: “The software is consistently developing and our suggestions are taken on board to improve the platform.”

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